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“You saved my bacon!  I’ve been looking for the perfect font for a client I’m working with, and you hit the nail on the head with 'Clutch.' Thanks for reading my mind.”

Von Glitschka - Illustrative Designer, Glitschka Studios


"Great Products! Awesome Paul!... Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!"

Aaron Epstein - Co-Founder, Creative Market


"Your work is KILLER!"

Russell Preston Brown - Senior Creative Director, Adobe


"These are HUGE time-saving resources. Sometimes you need to whip out quick logos for events or just for fun. Paul's products are comprehensive and well thought out."

Lenny Terenzi - Owner / Designer, Hey Monkey Design


"The best badge sets I've seen by far, by one of the best designers in the business."

Tim Frame - Owner / Designer, Tim Frame Design


"These are sooo much more than just pre-fab templates! The textures alone are worth the price. The quality is amazing! Can't think of a more timely digital product."

Tom Cox - Owner / Designer, Tom Cox Design


"This badge set is really great!"

Josh Johnson - Product Manager, Creative Market


"I’m so glad you're releasing some of your work for sale. I’ve been wanting to replicate some effects and fonts I’ve seen show up in your work, but never wanted to spend the time trying to recreate it or figure it all out."

Matt Salusky - Designer, Sky Studio


“Waiting for another product from you guys is always so exciting. I'm addicted!”

Sally Crewe - President, X-Ray Vision


“Paul, this is fantastic work! These icons are perfect!”

Anton Klusener - Art Director, Forbes Magazine


“Wow! - You are Amazing! I'm going to send your site link to all the people in my department to make sure everybody knows you're out there.”

Lindsay Braun - Art Director, Hasbro Toys


"Fantastic stuff! These products are worth 10x the price."

Cory Skaaren - Designer / Owner, Skaaren Design


"We are a huge fan of this"

Creative Market - Instagram Account


 "This is a super handy set! Was able to put a couple of the 'Essential Icons" to work today! Can't wait for Volume 2!"

Chris Parks - Designer / Illustrator


"Commission quality graphics for a beyond reasonable price. Doesn't get any better than this. Three Thumbs Up!"

Von Glitschka - Illustrative Designer, Glitschka Studios