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About Paul Howalt


Hello! My name is Paul Howalt.  Welcome to my Website! I’m an illustrator and designer located in the Phoenix metro area.  

You may have noticed that my work tends to be very graphic and 2-dimensional in nature. It's how I've rendered my work ever since I was a child. I have no doubt that the tendency toward bold, hard hitting 'shape-driven' work comes from the fact that I've been blind in my left eye from birth and can only see in 2 dimensions. It only makes sense that my creative approach to rendering depth is much different that many other artists.

I’ve been creating and selling my artwork ever since I was 8 years old. Actually... when I was in the 4th grade, I spent so much time generating & selling artwork to my fellow classmates that I ended up neglecting my studies and had to repeat the year!   Unfortunately, my parents weren’t as excited about my new found entrepreneurial skills as I was back then.

I had a career defining ‘epiphany’ in 5th grade.  My mother brought home an album for me. It was KISS’s “Rock and Roll Over.”  I took one look and was absolutely mesmerized! The cover art, illustrated by Michael Doret, was hands down, the most stunning thing I had ever laid my eyes upon. Even before I put it on my turntable, I spent a fair amount of time analyzing this masterpiece inside and out. I remember thinking to myself, I don’t know what this profession is called, or who does this kind of work, but I want to do whatever this is for the rest of my life.
I continued to pursue my artistic passions after high school and a 3 year commitment to mission work in Hawaii, the Philippines and Japan… I attended and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in graphic design in 1991. Since then, I've been designing and illustrating for companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes. 
Currently, by day, I help run Tactix Creative, a multidisciplinary design studio in Mesa, Arizona; and by night, I create illustration work for new products, publications and ad agencies around the globe. (For all commissioned illustration work, see my portfolio site at
I’m married with two wonderful children… but I probably have more toys than both my kids do, put together. I must say, having grown up in Minnesota, I still listen to a lot of Prince while I work, and when the Vikings lose, it tends to ruin my day. I’m hopelessly addicted to Diet Mountain Dew, Twizzlers and Clausen Pickles… I slay approximately 4-6 scorpions in my back yard every night and can spin a basketball on my finger indefinitely.
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In 2016, I launched this online gallery store in direct response to art directors, collectors, friends & acquaintances wanting to purchase art prints of projects I’ve worked on over the years. 

In addition, I’ve also been hard at work generating some fun, affordable, easy to use, downloadable creative tools to enhance any digital artist’s workflow. They are available in the "Downloads" section.

Take a look around… Hopefully there's some work that resonates with you, makes you laugh, smile, or inspires you create your own masterpiece!



Also, something you should know about me...  I've always been a big believer in family, and bringing hope to families in crisis through meeting emotional and practical needs.

In an effort to make 'Creative Matter'... 10% of every purchase at this store,  goes directly to support the Arizona House of Refuge. Their dedicated staff strive to make sure that every household in abusive, needy or transitional situations gets the emotional, spiritual & provisional help they need.

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